As an experienced nurse who has ‘walked in your shoes,’ I will listen carefully to understand both you and your loved ones needs and deliver personalized options for your consideration. It is like putting together a puzzle and each family brings unique puzzle pieces to the table!

Following Christ’s example, you want to oversee & provide excellent care for your loved one, perhaps your spouse or a parent. I want to help you identify and meet your goals for your unique caregiving situation. I will ‘fade in and out’ of your families’ lives as you determine what services will be most helpful at any given step on your life path.

Since 2004, the services provided for each situation have varied, depending on family needs and wishes. Your finished ‘puzzle’ will look different from that belonging to other families. Some of the ways we’ve helped other families are listed here to help you develop a vision for how a nurse case manager may be able to assist you.

  • Seniors who have 5 or more chronic conditions 50%
  • How many of us will need some form of long-term services 70%
  • Adults who depend on family as their only source of help 78%
  • Stressed family caregivers who age prematurely 100%
<font=”4″>A Partial Listing of Services We Can Offer:

Provide an assessment of your loved one’s situation, making suggestions toward easing your concerns

Identify the best possible home health care options to meet your loved one’s medical, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs

Make legal, financial, or other referrals

Coach home, family, and church caregivers

Develop detailed care plans, including meals, home maintenance, and more

Mediate family conflicts

Act as your ‘local’ eyes & ears on behalf of distant caregivers

Attend doctor’s appointments to provide advocacy and enhance continuity of care

Offer special help and support when faced with mental health issues, alcohol or other addiction problems, dementia

Provide assistance when a care facility might be most appropriate and facilitate the move

Do regular visits & attend care team meetings for loved ones in assisted or skilled living facilities

Telephone check-in

Travel assistance

Medication oversight

Services are unique to each family and determined by their specific needs.