Sometimes life brings 'giants'

Sometimes life brings ‘giants’

“Never let the size of your giant determine the size of your God.”   (Pastor Tony Evans)

Godly wisdom is vital when facing life’s ‘giants,’ be that an unexpected illness or death, a job loss, preparing for a Godly retirement, or counseling others who are hurting.

Our level of knowledge about the ‘giant’ we face also makes a difference when we are navigating uncharted waters. Combine Godly wisdom drawn from His Word and a body of knowledge that lines up with His Word and you will likely find yourself better equipped for your walk.

After many years of working with families, we’ve identified a number of areas in which most of us are ill-equipped to face life’s most common ‘giants.’ Through relationships and circumstances, God works to expose our hearts so we will seek the grace that can only be found in Him.

Through our blogs and classes, we seek to provide the tools and building blocks that will to help  you to equip yourself for your life journey. We are constantly adding to our resource information, so ‘follow us’ on Facebook or Twitter and subscribe to our blogs for the latest additions to our low-cost, practical resources.

  • Seniors who said they haven’t planned for their futures 50%
  • Adult children who haven’t given thought to care of their aging parents 73%
  • Adults who have trouble using available health information 90%
  • Seniors who are unable to understand their prescription medications 66%

Course examples:

Christ-centered Caregiving:

  • God’s Design for Your Body – Anatomy and physiology of each body system with an emphasis on Scripture
  • Caregiving & Character
  • Home Health Care for Families & the church community
  • Churches – Ministering to One Together in the Body

Wise Goals for Healthy Living:

  • The concept of true wholeness
  • Healthy eating, exercise
  • The Daniel Plan
  • How to Minimize Health Risks as We Age
  • Pathway 2 Wholeness: The Christian Faith and Whole-person Health

Wisely Preparing for Your Retirement:

  • How old is old?
  • What does a Godly retirement look like?
  • Keeping the Goal in Mind – Christlikeness
  • Going the Distance
  • What it Takes to Finish Well

Wisely Preparing for a ‘Aging in Place:’

  • Planning where you’ll live
  • Home remodeling
  • Right Attitudes
  • Seeing Obstacles as Opportunities
  • Is Your King in Residence?

Wisely Preparing Your Legacy:

  • Planning Financially for a Christlike Finish
  • Living Wills, Durable Power for Health Care, care if you are disabled
  • Understand Wills & Trusts
  • Pass on Your Stories, Values

Wisely Preparing for Your Home-going:

  • Dying well, funeral planning
  • When Graduation Comes Too Early