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We are a dynamic professional couple who are passionate about seeking God’s wisdom as we walk through the challenges of aging.

While we are both Certified Senior Advisors, Jim holds an MBA in Finance, and Shara is a geriatric nurse care manager, our inspiration for Equipped for your Walk was our own life journey caring for four elderly parents. We’ve learned that aging challenges can be met successfully and planning ahead can prevent many crises. If our parents had led healthier lifestyles, had adapted their home for aging, and had more complete end-of-life plans, then providing caregiving during their final years, planning their funerals, and settling their estates would have been much easier. More than that, our parents later years might have been among their best.

Whether we’re in our forties, fifties, sixties, or beyond, Equipped for your Walk works with individuals and church communities to provide building blocks for the strong foundation we need to:

  • Remain active and engaged throughout our lives
  • Anticipate & creatively prepare for the challenges we will face as we age
  • Meet life challenges with grace and joy depending on His adequacy
  • Deepen our relationship with Christ
  • Serve one another
  • Keep our joy and be a witness to others.

We work alongside individuals as well as church leaders as we discover how to apply God’s Word to aging challenges and gain the knowledge or skills we need. Solve your current caregiving challenges & prevent future caregiving and aging problems. Avail yourself of free information and links, more as we grow our site. We also offer talks, classes, blogs, and a monthly newsletter to equip people in all of these areas and more.

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Timely Support

We offer a FB group and private consultations. Print materials & online classes coming soon.

Creative Ideas

Home care and acute care are different. We will help you find solutions for your unique situation and needs.

Faith-based Care

Our orientation is wholeness. God cannot be removed from health.

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