Senior couple on walk in countryside


Physical decline – It’s not just the gray hair and wrinkles. It’s the loss of independence

Mental decline – the loss of precious memories and the cognitive skills that give life purpose

Emotional decline – Becoming shadows of our younger selves, no longer knowing who we are and where we belong, the terrible loneliness

But guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way. It is not inevitable.
Despite what you’ve been led to believe by a modern culture steeped in ageism.

Geriatric physician, Dr. Bill Thomas, has written, “The difference between the assumptions we make about old age and the reality of life’s last decades is the difference between a pen and ink cartoon and an intricate oil portrait.”

I agree. I’m going for the intricate oil portrait. Want to join me?

I challenge you to visit YouTube this week and watch a few episodes of Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots: Forever Young. Or read some of the posts on my Facebook site or some people’s stories like “How to Change Your Life at 60”

It’s time to have a different dialogue about late adulthood.